White Mosque

White Mosque

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The collective image of the White Mosque is an example of a combination of the best masterpieces of world Islamic architecture.

The white marble mosque is crowned by three domes and two graceful minarets created in the manner of the Prophet's Mosque located at the famous pilgrimage location of all Muslims – Medina.

Walls of the mosque are decorated with traditional ornamental elements – tulips, arabesques, muqarnas and geometrical ornaments creating a unique inner atmosphere. Symbolism and mysteriousness of the two-level prayer hall are provided by scattered lighting, and the monochromatic color scheme of the walls and dome coupled with the wooden elements accentuate the beauty of carved decoration.

The White Mosque represents peace and purity and constitutes a symbol of spiritual renaissance on Bolgar land. Its architecture, based on familiar Muslim architectural symbols, and visual relation between the settlement and the mosque emphasize the religious significance of the site.

Erection of the temple complex in Bolgar can be considered a milestone event for the Islamic community of Tatarstan and Russia. For the first time the Bolgar land witnesses the revival of a citadel for Islamic worship, education and enlightenment. It is of special significance that the Mosque provides services of a medrese. The constant presence of shakirds, or students, in this blessed territory will reflect the continuity of time and generations and represent a symbol of the revived Muslim Bolgar. The new mosque will become a center of pilgrim attraction as was the Cathedral Mosque welcoming the faithful in the days of the past.

The White Mosque is located near the Sothern Gate, the Small Town, the Bread Museum and the Festivals and Events Complex.


  54.965863, 49.061215

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