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Memorial sign

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Memorial Sign is a monumental structure erected in 2012. It is an octagonal building with a round titanite dome and a Muslim crescent moon at the top, designed to resemble ancient Bolgar architecture.

Decision on the erection of Memorial Sign was made with consideration of sacral and spiritual significance of Bolgar in the history of the Tatar people, and a special role of the city in the adoption of Islam by Volga Bolgars in 922. Its construction came as a result of numerous requests by representatives of religious communities and individuals, asking for an organization of fundraising for construction of this symbolical site, implemented as a result of establishment of Republican Fund “Restoration”. Its location was determined on the basis of wide public discussions.

In terms of architecture Memorial Sign is a visual embodiment of a unique phenomenon of the Muslim culture’s origination in the Volga region, as well as historical memory, cultural assets, traditions and spiritual values of the Tatar people.

On a special pedestal in the central hall resides the Quran crafted by Italian masters. It represents the world’s largest printed Muslim sacred scriptures, which has been confirmed by a certificate of the Guinness Book of Records. Its record dimensions are 2 meters in length, 1.5 meters in width and 800 kilograms in weight.

The basement storey of the building features a picture gallery containing over a hundred works by Tatarstan artists, and an exhibition complex hosting exhibitions and conferences. The exposition of the complex presents archaeological findings, originals and copies of written documents, coins and jewelry items, as well as fine art including a mosaic panel painting telling the story of the day when Volga Bolgars adopted Islam as a national religion and of the welcoming ceremony for Bolgar Khan Almish and delegation of Bagdad Caliph.

The Memorial Sign is located near the Museum of Bolgar civilization and the Cathedral Mosque and Big Minaret complex.


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